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Crybaby is a beautiful record. Danny’s voice is soft but emotive, in part because of his sweet melodies.
— Jody Stephens, Big Star/Golden Smog/Those Pretty Wrongs

Danny De La Matyr was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He picked up guitar watching his father play country music in local bars while growing up in the ’70’s and ’80’s. A gifted artist, he eventually majored in painting and drawing at North Texas state and immersed himself in the burgeoning music scene around Denton. Besides playing in notable Beatles cover band, A Hard Night’s Day (who were so good they were flown to Hamburg and hosted at Abbey Road), he fronted The Days, local power-pop faves, who went on to make The Mystery Of The Watched Pot (1996), a record Pop Geek Heaven called “criminally unknown”. After The Days fell apart, De La Matyr moved to L.A., quickly becoming an in-demand guitarist/singer for the likes of Rhett Miller, Jesse Malin and Lukas Haas. He formed a new band called The Sheers, who recorded one fantastic record, Goodbye World (2006), before calling it quits. Powerpopoholic said, "If you love sophisticated lyrics and gorgeous melody you can appreciate The Sheers.” Danny had now established himself as a well-regarded mercenary of melody and harmony-driven rock. After backing highly-acclaimed singer-songwriter/producer Luther Russell on several albums and tours, Danny was approached by his old pal to do a solo record. After the album was completed, the seven-inch single “Lines b/w “How Can It Be” was released, which garnered UK airplay on BBC Radio 2, as well as Radio 3 in Spain. Danny then contributed harmonies to the lush self-titled debut album by Those Pretty Wrongs, Luther’s new project with Jody Stephens of legendary group Big Star, out this year on Ardent/Burger. Early-2017 finally sees the release of Crybaby, Danny De La Matyr's first full-length, out on vinyl/digital via Spain's boutique Pretty Olivia label. U.S./UK release to follow.


What strikes me most about Danny De La Matyr is: a) his voice b) his songs c) how effortless he makes it all sound or d) all of the above. Ultimately, I’m compelled to go with “d”...final answer!
— Jon Auer, The Posies/Big Star/Solo Artist/Producer