Thanks to Pacopepe Gil on Plastico Elastico for playing the title track from my new album, Crybaby!

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Don't miss the programme 3.352 Plástico Elástico and their great songs, these:
Just available Plastico Elástico Radio Show #3.352 with a handful of fantastic songs. These:
Bullet Proof Lovers with "I am my radio", its exciting new album.
The Fingersmiths with "sweet Olivia song", rock and roll to all rag from Valencia.
The Two Tens with "keeping hope alive", his new single.
The New Trocaderos with "you broke my heart", new ep from Kurt Baker The Connection with
Dany Laj and The Looks con "Planet of fun", de su nuevo LP.
Sugar & Tiger with "the perruque rose", the b-side of their single released by Jarama 45RPM Recs.
Ramirez with "Nao sou um só", recalling the good power pop that has been done in Brazil.
Vant with " do you know me?", his new single.
The crocodiles with " nobody dreams as much as me ", a brilliant way dismiss our album " recovered ".
Danny Delamatyr with "crybaby", from his album released by Pretty Olivia Records.
Vaudeville Etiquette with "bridges", another fantastic song from this band that we will soon be visiting and for whose concerts raffle tickets. On our website
Son Volt with "promise of the world", we release his new album.
Curse Of Lono with "send for the whiskey", great American sound from London. New album.
Enjoy the good music. Enjoy with the best music.


Danny DeLaMatyr